Did You Know

Compiled by: Designer Thony C. Anyiam.

Contrary to published reports "Jumping the broom" was  not invented by "slaves" or during slavery because  their "masters" refused to allow them to be married. It is an African tradition dating back to Africa, before the first European visited West Africa. It should be practiced by all in honor and respect to our African ancestors and their legacy.  
Bathing suit originated in West Africa. It was first worn by men in the French speaking West Africa country of Guinea. it was then called "Pakoun" Bathing suit was not invented by a French man in 1954 as some "experts" claim.

    *   Spaghetti-strap style dresses date back to ancient Egypt            

Traditional African fashions are not all loose fitting and baggy styles.
In Senegal West Africa, it is customary in some areas for the bride-to-be to invite her former lover to her wedding.
Strapless and halter-neck style dresses are considered traditional African styles, and originated in Africa.
The Afrocentric look is a multi ethnic or cultural look reflecting both African and American influences. There are also other ethnic looks, i.e. Afro Asian, Afro European, Afro Spanish and Afro Arabian. The concept is African centered or inspired.

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